Who are we?

~ Separett with the vision to contribute to a higher quality of life for the many ~

For over 40 years, the Swedish family-owned business Separett has developed waterless toilet solutions with the purpose of increasing quality of life, making the everyday life easier and more comfortable for all.

Separett AB was founded in 1976 and today our products are used all over the world with a branch in Finland and a subsidiary in the USA. For us, it is important to contribute to a better world. Our products make it possible to save water for something more valuable than to flush away waste with.

Today, 2 billion people live without access to a basic toilet solution - that's 2 billion too many. Together with various organizations, we have contributed with waterless toilets to almost every continent.

We are currently running projects in several locations in China and South America, among others. Have a look at the video below for an insight into our non-profit project with X-Runner and how they are actively working towards better sanitation and hygiene in Peru by installing our waterless toilets.

Separett HQ in Värnamo, Sweden

Separett HQ in Värnamo, Sweden

X-Runners work in Peru

X-Runners work in Peru



We contribute to a higher quality of life for the many

Business idea
We will - through the development of markets, products and national/international cooperation - be the obvious choice of toilet solutions

We will be creative, innovative and solution oriented through competent and engaged staff, where the joy of work thrives

We provide toilet solutions that enhance quality of life, make the everyday life easier and more comfortable for all

Success factors
We offer a wide assortment of comfortable, waterless and wastewater free toilets for everyone


Our customers

... experience that Separett is easy and comfortable

Our distributors & retailers
... experience that we are there when they need our knowledge and that we are engaged in each other's success

Our suppliers
... are proud to deliver details of our toilet solutions that make life more comfortable for all. We are engaged in each other's success

We all want to be a part of Separett and develop together. We have a common ground, are engaged and have the passion to reach our goals

Every division knows what is expected from them by the overall plan for the company's development. We have the passion and power to develop each division

We have a strong economy that gives us the opportunity to further develop

Code of conduct


We all have our differences - and that's okay

We are all equal and treat each other accordingly

We see one another, have a pleasant jargon and park the "backpack" outside

You are your colleagues work environment

Open & Honest
Speak up if someone crosses the line, choose the time to be honest

Say it or forget it within a reasonable time: the 3-day rule

We help each other