Urine diverting/Composting toilets

Fresh, hygienic and facilitates life in the cottage

The Villa® and the Weekend is our families of composting, urine diverting toilet solutions. They are, and has for a very long time, been very popular and appreciated all over the world. Mostly for their simplicity and user friendliness as well for being hygienic and reliable. Handling the urine separately reduces the smell dramatically and reduces the volume of waste to handle very much. The built in fan ensures that the room is odorless. The toilets requires electricity and ventilation to function, the demands regarding ventilation varies between models so make sure to check the installation manual thoroughly when installing.

The Villa® family is available in both 230-V AC and a 12V/230V DC versions and Weekend is available in a 12V/230V DC version. If you’re on the look out for a hygienic, user friendly and efficient toilet solution for your home. A urine separating toilet might just be what you’re looking for.