Electric/Incinerating toilets

Complete toilet solution with easy handling of the residual material

Separett incinerating toilets are sold in Europe only.

CINDI® is our family of electric, incinerating toilets. They’re getting increasingly popular all over the world due to the fact that they reduce the humanure to a small amount of ash – easy to handle and can be used as a fertilizer in your garden. They only require electricity and air to function. Forget about costly sewer systems, larges infiltration units and costly installations. In order to ensure function over time it is important that the installation is done according to the installation manual and that the toilets is cared for in accordance with the user manual. Isn’t hard but its important that it’s done.

Our incinerating toilets has the highest safety standards and are equipped with a number of safety features that are independent of each other. They are also equipped with a mechanical overheating protection that only can be reset manually – ensuring a safe and comfortable ownership.