Hello, my name is Tiny

I am a urine diverting toilet that is small and compact, at least compared with my friend Separett Villa

Separett Tiny

My friend Villa has been welcomed with open arms by over 100,000 families worldwide. And I heard that Separett expects even more from me!

I welcome this challenge. Despite my size, I can do things that my friend Villa never could and I will fit in the smallest spaces.

You might be wondering why I'm hiding under a blanket? That's because I'm still a secret.

There will be two versions of me; my sister and I. It may sound strange, but in this way we will be able to help more people.

My sister and I are identical on the outside, but I keep both solid and liquid waste inside with the help of a urine tank. While my sister keeps solid waste and leads out liquid waste through a pipe for external collection, the same function as Villa.


… Keep an eye on our digital channels for more information, I am expected in the spring of 2021.