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Composting/Urine diverting toilets

How long can the urine hose that connects to the Ejektor tank be?

The maximum length of the urine hose is 20 meters and that it should have a slope of at least 1 cm per meter to ensure that the tank is self-evident.

Are a longer urine hose available?

No. The urine hose only comes in 2m.

If you need a longer hose you can use connector pipes, 10230-02 and 10229-02 but always make sure that there is a steady flow, 1cm/meter, of the urine through the hose. Otherwise the urine may lie still and form plugs

Can you extend the ventilation pipe for a Villa 9010 with 12V fan?

It is ok¬†to extend the ventilation pipes, preferably with our article 1020-03 consisting of 2 pcs 1 m pipe √ė75 mm 2 straight joints¬†and wall brackets.

What you need to keep in mind when you have a Villa 9010 with 12V fan is that we recommend using maximum 2 pcs 90 ¬į bends and 4 m ventilation pipes.

Do you need a fresh air vent installed for the Villa?

No you don¬īt need to install a fresh air vent. Villa 9000 performs well in the room's regular fresh air supply (window valves, door slipper, etc.). Keep in mind that there is no separate fan (type PAX fan) installed in the same room as the toilet is installed in.

Can the ventilation be run through a chimney stack?

No. We advice against it since moisture from the bathroom can destroy the mortar joints. Also, the plastic ventilation pipe can melt if it is run through the chimney stack.

Does the ventilation need to be insolated?

The Separett Villa 9000 has a collector for water¬†(condensation) in the ventilation pipe exhaust and this leads the condensation to the urine outlet sot that ant water from condensation ends up with the urine. Weekend 7010 lacks this type of collector and we recommend drilling a small hole (√ė3mm) in the ventilation pipe that faces the ground.

Do you need an extra fan if you have a shower in the room?

No! The fan on the urine diverting toilet should be the only fan in the room. It runs continuously and circulates the air in the room and ventilation the moist from any shower. An wall mounted fan may cause a small vacuum effect in the room, drawing smell from the toilet in the wrong direction.

Must the urine waste pipe contain a Ubend, water seal?

Usually not. The faint odour that may come from the urine waste hose is drawn out through the venting pipe with the aid of the fan. A water seal is only needed if a strong odour from the greywater system would be noticed outside the house.

Can you use the toilet without the fan?

We do not recommend using the toilet without a fan. Without a fan, it starts to smell bad and flies come in and lay eggs. As the fan is running, the smell is kept out and the space keeps dry.

Urine drains away very slowly, is there something wrong?

Normally, urine flows away at a good pace. Having problems with runoff, check the following.

  1. If the urine outlet outside the bathroom sufficient slope? We recommend a case about 1 cm per meter urine waste.
  2. Check whether the collection container or infiltration bed is not full.
  3. Over time, there is a risk that urine drains coated internally of salts and minerals. The Separett Cleaning Kit for urine separating toilets supplied with a plug-solver that is ideal for solving these coatings. Follow the instructions on the package!
  4. In the worst case you need to replace the urinary drainage to remedy the error.
How much airflow does the fan create?

There is no simple answer to this question because the airflow is very dependent on the length of the venting pipe and the number of bends it contains.

Should the fan operate continiously?

Yes. This keeps the housing dry and extends the lifetime of the fan. If the fan has to be switched off, place the lid on the container and remove it. Otherwise, bad odours will spread indoors and flies can easily enter and lay eggs.

Is there any risk of flies in the toilets?

Problems with flies are uncommon with Separett toilets. However, flies may enter the toilet if you leave it for a week or so with the fan switched off and the container with solids still in place. The fan should always be operational. If flies do get in to the toilet, change or empty the container, clean it thoroughly, and use fly spray on the toilet and container several times during the following week to remove any remaining larvae. Never add bark or anything because it can contain larva which can develop problems with flies.

Does the spreading of urine cause unpleasant odours?

This depends on the extent to which it is diluted with water. If a Separett Ejektortank is used, 1 liter of urine is mixed with 8 liters of water. This may result in a faint odour, but it will soon disappear. You can speed the process by adding more water or spreading the mixture at night or when it rains.

Are there unpleasant odours from the Separett Ejektortank?

No. The urine odour is drawn into the toilet through the hose and then blown through the toilet ventilation system. By the time it is expelled outdoors, it has been mixed with so much air that the odour is unnoticeable .

Are there unpleasant odours from the leaching bed/soak-away?

No. It does not smell since the urine is let out in the ground and diluted with rain.

Are there unpleasant odours outdoors?

Because the urine and faeces are not mixed, there is never any latrine-type odour from a Separett toilet. A certain amount of odour may be present outdoors, however, when and shortly after the toilet is used. If the venting can be routed to the back of the house, it is usually suffice to just route it straight through the wall. If the venting pipe must be routed through the gables or to the front of the house, it should be extended upwards or routed through the roof.

Are there unpleasant odours indoors?

No. If the fan runs continuously the there will be no unpleasant odours in the room. When installing the toilet, make sure that the venting pipe is properly sealed with silicone. The easily accessible fan filter should be cleaned regularly as well as the insect net at the end of ventilation pipe.

How often should the toilet be emptied?

If four people are using the toilet on a daily basis, then a container will last about 3-6 weeks, depending on how much toilet paper is being used. For a normal summerhouse, 2-3 containers will suffice. The Separett Villa comes with three containers. Additional containers can be purchased if required.

How is it possible that the container with solids so rarely has to be emptied?

Urine accounts for about 85% of the waste volume and is routed separately away from the toilet. This increases the storage capacity for solids greatly. The container is easily replaceable and if the amount of users increases one only change containers more often. The Separett Villa comes with three containers. Additional containers can be purchased if required giving the toilet virtually unlimited capacity.

How come the sit height has become lower on the Villa model compared to older Villa-models?

The sit height of the Villa changed as studies showed that this was the optimal height (sit height Villa models: 42 cm) for most people to hit the urinal bowl correctly and pee forward, thus avoiding urine being led backwards instead.

What do I do if the Villa-toilet is making noise?

If there is noise coming from a Villa 9000-toilet, we recommend that you open the blue fanhouse and vacuum it internally as there may be insects and dust that makes the fan sound. Also clean the fan blades carefully with for example a toothbrush. We also reccomend you to check the ventilation pipe so that nothing is stuck in there as that could cause imbalance on the fan or make the fan stop completely.

Here you find more detailed instructions: Cleaning the fanhouse - Villa 9000

The view screen on our 10 year old Villa doesn´t work properly?

If you have an older modell of Separett Villa- and the view screen doesn¬īt work at it should. You probably need to change it.

You need to buy: SERVICE KIT: VIEW SCREEN & ROTATION. 9000-SERIES, 10418-04

Is the rubber cap fitted on the pushbutton available as a spare part?

For a number of years back, we changed the design of the pushbutton to a fully cast blue pushbutton.

If you have the push button with a rubber cap, you will replaced it by the new pushbutton with article number 10691-02.

You can order the push button through one of our resellers.

Can you change the 230V fan in a Villa 9000 to a 12V fan

You can convert the Villa 9000 (230V) to a Villa 9010 (12V) by using the convertion kit, art no 1167-02

You can by this kit from one of our resellers.

If you would like to connect it to 230V at a later time, it may be good to know that a battery eliminator is included, which you can use if you prefer power instead of battery or solar cell.

Is the fan for Classic 3000 suitable for The toilet Husqvarna?

If you have a Husqvarna that has a fan with the type no 300 38 14-1, you can by the fan for Classic 3000 with art no. 3032118-10.

Is the fan for Septum 5200 still available?

The fan that fits the SEPTUM modell 5200 is the same that is for Weekend 5000. The fan you need has the 3032512-02.

The urine hose needs to be replaced. Which one do I need?

When you need a new urine hose for your urine separating toilet (regarding how old or how new), you need to purchase our urine hose with 11131-01.
When you need a new urine hose for your urine-separating privy, you need to purchase our urine hose with 10218-01.

Electric/Incinerating toilets

Is everything regarding installation included in the delivery?

No, you need to add installations material (exhaust and air supply). Our ventilation kit includes everything you need for installing the incinerating toilet properly.

Is it difficult to install your incinerating toilets?

All is relative and depends on your skills. You need to make a couple of holes in the wall for ventilation and make sure that you have a power outlet nearby. Use caution and always follow rules and regulations regarding what you are permitted to do in your country.

Why do you have to disconnect the toilet from the exhaust pipe and then plug the exhaust pipe when you turn the toilet off?

The cold air in the exhaust air pipe is heavier than the hot which causes the cold air to fall down back into the toilet, the fan's purpose is pushing back cold-air.
If you turn the toilet off and don¬īt disconnect it and don¬īt plug the pipe shut there is a high risk of moisture coming into the toilet , which can damage the electrical components.
Therefore, we recommend always to unplug the toilet from the exhaust pipe when the power is turned off and the fan function is not running.

Is it ok to turn the power off when leaving the cottage?

If the power is turned off to the cottage, the toilet must be disconnected from the exhaust pipe and the exhaust pipe must then be plugged to prevent cold air and moisture entering the room where the toilet is standing.
If the exhaust pipe is not plugged, the moisture may otherwise affect the toilet by damaging the electrical components.

Why does it smell bad outdoor when the toilet is in the incineration phase?

The catalyst in the toilet filters out bad odors and the air that goes out smells only "hot" or "burned wood".
If the catalyst is clogged, there may be a bad odor from the air that goes out. Then it's time to clean the catalyst and that must be done by a service technician.

How long is the incineration phase?

The cincineration time consists of three phases.

- Heating time (from 20¬į): c. 30-60 minutes

- Incinertion¬†time (550¬į) - Small program: c. 15 minutes - Big program: c. 40 minutes

- Cooling time: c. 60 minutes

Does the chimney pipe become hot?

A normal ventilation temperature in the toilets chimney¬†pipe is between 30-40¬į.

Should the outgoing¬†air reach 65¬į for more than 40 seconds, the toilet will turn off and an error message will appear in the panel of the toilet.

How high is the noise level of the fan for an incinerating toilet during incineration?

During incineration the noise level is approximately 55dB (A)

Difference between Flame 8000 and CINDI® family?



FLAME 8000

CINDI family

  Conical element for optimal combustion (1800W)XX  Comfort ventilation (ventilation around the clock)XX  Ashpan in acid proof steel capacity 3.3 litersXX   Software with the update optionXX  USB connection for update X  Free software online X  Software with the option of time controlXX  Software with increased opportunities for time control X  Special keys for easy menu navigation X  Comfort Shutdown of incineration during visits  X  Capacity6 personer6 personer  Seat in hard plastic X  Seat in soft plasticX 


Can I only use your incinerating bags?

Our bags are developed for our incinerating toilets. To ensure function, quality and warranty we strongly recommend that our bags are used.

How many persons can use your incinerating toilets?

Both CINDI and Flame 8000 are primarily developed for seasonal use and has the capacity of handling the toilet waste from up to 6 persons in the household.

Do I need to start an incinerating program after each use?

Yes! This is very important to ensure function and not to jeopardize the capacity of the incinerating toilet.

What is the energy consumption on a incinerating toilet?

Both CINDI family and Flame 8000 consumes approximately 0,4-1,7 kWh per use.

What can I put in the incinerating toilet?

You are permitted to put dry and wet toilet waste and toilet paper in the incinerating toilet. Other material may cause malfunction.

Can I use the incinerating toilet while it incinerates?

No problem! Just make sure that you always follow the user instructions for your incinerating toilet.

How many people can use the incinerating toilet after each other?

Both CINDI family and Flame 8000 has the capacity of handling the toilet waste from up to 6 people in the household. You use it when you need to, without any consideration regarding time since last visit.

What do I do with the ashes?

As long as the ashes is cold you can use it as fertilizer in your garden or throw it with the household waste. Make sure to follow any rules and/or regulations in your country regarding dispense of ashes.

How often do I need to empty the ashtray?

This depends on the amount of use. Our incinerating toilets reminds you when it’s time to empty the ashtray.

At what temperature and why does the overheat protection trigger?

If the air in the space inside the toilet (outside the incineration chamber) becomes 90¬įC, the overheat protection will trigger.

This usually happens due to the fact that ex. the bag is not flushed down properly and has jammed, that there is a stop in the exhaust pipe, that the toilet isn¬īt properly installedd so that the air can¬īt get out or if something hangs the flush mechanism up.

Roomtemp in the display show a higher temperature than the actual temperature in the room?

The "Roomtemp" that is shown in the display are not the actual room temperature, it is the temperature of the control card inside the toilet.

What happens if there is a power failure when an incineration has started?

The fan and the display are powered by the built-in battery in the incinerating toilets.
This means that if there is a power failure, the fan will continue to spin and ensure that the toilet goes down in temperature.

Even if the toilet is completely cooled down, the reset button for the overheat protection goes out again as soon as I press it in?

If the overheat protection trips when you push it back and the toilet is cooled down, there may be a problem with the overheat protection function.

Please contact your nearest service provider.

How far in do you need to push the overheat protection reset button?

When you press the overheat protection button, you will hear a click and you will see about 1 mm of the white spike.

In the triggered position you will see 2-3 mm of the white spike.

Does a incinerating toilet require maintenance?

Yes, like any other electrical device an incinerating toilet needs maintenance in order to function properly over time. In the manual and on respective product page you’ll find information regarding maintenance and service.

How much does a service cost on my incinerating toilet?

Prices vary, please contact your country importer for prices and help.

Other Products

Are all waste bags from Separett compostable?

No, not all waste bags from us are compostable.
Only the green waste bags (Compostable waste bag) are compostable, art. no. 1127-02

What has do be done before winter storage of Pee 1000 (with power and water flushing)?

When the toilet is not used during winter the entire system must be drained from water. Otherwise the magnet valve will freeze and break.

Disconnect the water. Push the flush button until there is no more water. Then hold down the flush button and blow compressed air into the magnet valve to be sure that the system is completely emptied from water.

Can you use Pee during winter?

Yes you can. But to avoid ice plugs during winter use, isolate the urinary drainage hose and / or increase the pipe diameter to √ė50-75mm. Complete with heating loop.

If you want, it's good to keep the ice away with a splash of T-red.

What if the valve in Pee 1000 has frozen?

If the valve has frozen you can order a new from your reseller.

How do I reduce the risk that the valve in Pee 1000 will freeze?

To prevent the valve from freezing during winter, we recommend that you disconnect the water connection from Pee during winter and ‚Äúblow‚ÄĚ into the connection on the back of the toilet.

This ensures that the valve is emptied on water.

Does it smell during the whole incineration process in Burn?

It smells during the entire incineration process.

But the ‚Äúintense‚ÄĚ (the worst) smell is about the 20 minutes in the middle of the incineration¬†process. (The entire combustion process takes about 1 hour)

How long does it take to burn a bag of latrine waste in Burn?

It takes about 1 hour for a bag of latrine waste to be burned in to ashes i Burn.