Hello, Tiny here again

Now you can see a little more of my neat shapes and contours! I look forward to showing you my true self soon.

Separett Tiny

As written in previous post, I am Separett's new Tiny urine diverting toilet optimized for small spaces that will be launched in the spring of 2021.


Two versions

My sister and I are identical on the outside, but...

...I keep both solid and wet waste inside me with the help of a urine tank. When the urine tank is full, I inform you by a red light coming from an indicator on the top.

...My sister keeps solid waste and drains wet waste through a urine collection for external collection, the same function as Villa.

How tiny am I?

Height: 470 mm
Length: 497 mm
Width: 398 mm


… Keep an eye on our digital channels for more information soon