Data protection policy

Separett’s data and integrity protection policy

It has always been important to us at Separett AB to safeguard personal integrity and your personal particulars. We always aim for a high level of security in our work on data and personal information. This policy paper describes our work and how we collect and use personal information as well as our efforts to protect the personal data collected. It also describes your rights regarding our processing of your personal data and how you set about exercising your rights. You can always contact us if you have queries about integrity and data protection by forwarding an e-mail message to

Separett AB and its subsidiary companies process personal data in accordance with Regulation no 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, generally known as GDPR.

What is personal data?

Personal data is all forms of information that directly or indirectly can be linked to a living individual. 

Data controller

Unless otherwise specified Separett AB, CIN 556193-0305, Bredastensvägen 8, 331 44 Värnamo is responsible for processing your personal data.

What personal data does Separett process?

The personal data we process depends on your relationship with us. We collect, for example, personal data you yourself give us for instance

 if you actively contact us through our website, purchase a product from our webshop, report an error, contact us or use our digital services and/or are active on our digital channels.

When you utilise our services we use tools that register information, for example Google Analytics. This information may include operating system, web reader, IP addresses, cookies and unique identification files.

Why do we process your personal data?

In order to be able to supply services and goods to you we must process your personal data. We do so mainly in order to

  • Administer and supply our services and goods
  • Manage customer service matters and other enquiries
  • Improve our services and goods, e.g. by investigating and evaluating customer satisfaction or the market.

What legal grounds do we have for processing your personal data?

Legal grounds are required for processing your personal data. Separett AB processes personal data on the following grounds:

  • When processing of personal data is necessary for us to be capable of fulfilling a contract we have with you – for example in order to supply or administer the goods or services you have purchased
  • When processing of personal data is necessary in order to fulfil a legal obligation, for example accounting obligations.
  • When we have a legitimate interest in processing your personal data, for example to be able to answer enquiries about goods.
  • When processing of personal data is permitted because you have given your consent to it.

Each processing that Separett AB carries out of your personal data may be motivated on the basis of one or several of the following legal ground: Fulfilment of legal obligation, fulfilment of contract, legitimate interest or consent.


For what purpose do

we process your

personal data?

What are our legal grounds for processing?

What categories of personal data are processed?


How long is information about you saved?

Managing enquiries, e.g. questions about our services/products

       Legitimate interest

IIdentity data, Contact information, such as address, telephone number and also e-mail address Customer interactions, e.g. Call recordings

Aas long as needed to handle you enquiry.


Managing the customer relationship, e.g. registering your information in our customer records, forwarding notifications, communicating with you about customer relationship, etc.

Fulfilment of contract and in some cases balancing of interest if a contract to supply you with a service has been entered into with a legal entity

Identity data, e.g. name, title and attestation right. Contact data, such as address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Information about your purchases.

As long as you have a customer relationship with us and two years subsequently.

To administer and supply our goods and services.


Fulfilment of contract. In cases where sensitive information is processed it is done so with your express consent and only when necessary in order to supply services you have requested.

Identity data, e.g. name, title and attestation right.

Contact data, such as address, telephone number and e-mail address.

As long as you have a customer relationship with us and two years subsequently

To manage payments for services and goods you purchased.

Fulfilment of contract and to the extent it follows from a legal obligation, e.g. the Bookkeeping Act.

Identity data, e.g. name, title and attestation right

Contact data, such as address, telephone number and e-mail address. Invoice data payment info

Customer commitment

As long as we are liable to store information under the relevant law and as long as necessary for the contract.


To market our goods and services and the goods and services of our partners or the Group in order to supply relevant information and offers.

Legitimate interest.

Identity data, contact data, geographic data, IP address, device information, log information.


Two years after you have had active contact with us, e.g. by purchasing goods or contacting our customer services.

To carry out market/customer research for the purpose of evaluating our goods and services. This is necessary to satisfy our legitimate interest in obtaining information on your perception of our services and products and the perception of other customers

Legitimate interest.

Identity data, contact data, geographic data, IP address, device information, log information.

Saved only as long as necessary for the purpose.

Pictures of mingling events for the purpose of documenting company history and to be used for editorial purposes and for marketing similar events.

Legitimate interest

Where relevant name, title, company, photo

As long as justified from a company history point of view and as long as the pictures are usable for marketing similar events.

To carry out and manage recruitment processes and incoming job applications.

Legitimate interest in managing the recruitment process

Name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address and other information supplied in the application.

As long as the recruitment process for the position you applied for is ongoing and as long as required under the applicable limitations clause in the Swedish Discrimination Act. If we should want to save your information for future recruitments, we will ask for your consent.


How long do we save personal data?

Your personal data is erased or anonymised when it is no longer relevant for the original purposes for which it was collected. Unless otherwise agreed and if we are not obliged under law to keep the information any longer, the storage times in the above table apply.

Transfer of personal data

Separett AB NEVER sells your personal information to a third party .IF we do not have your consent to do so. However, in order, for example, to manage customer service matters and other enquiries, we will in certain cases disclose your personal data to the following.

Other data controllers – who are Separett’s partners

In connection, for example, with service, guarantee repair or repair of goods through an external partner, both companies will have access to your personal data. Both companies are then data controllers for their respective information processing.

Data protection officer – who has Separett as data controller

For example, those cases where we engage another company to carry out certain services for us. We enter into a data protection officer agreement to ensure personal data is processed correctly.

Other data controllers – who have Separett as data protection officer

In cases where Separett AB carries out a measure at the request of another company (e.g. service), Separett AB in its capacity as data protection officer will process personal data in accordance with the data protection officer agreement in which it is clearly specified which type of processing Separett AB may carry out and during which period.

Other companies in the Group

Separett’s subsidiary companies may, where applicable and in accordance with the applicable legislation, process personal data

Where is your personal data processed?

Our starting point is that your personal data is processed within the EU. In cases where we use service suppliers who forward your personal data to countries outside the EU/ESS, we are responsible for seeing to it that the information is processed in accordance with the applicable legislation, among other things by demanding guarantees that personal data is processed in accordance with the applicable integrity and data  protection regulation.

Your rights

Under the data protection regulation you have a number of rights in relation to Separett AB. If you wish to exercise those rights you should contact us by e-mail ( or post a letter to:

Separett AB

ATT: Dataskydd

Bredastensvägen 8

331 44 Värnamo


Regardless of whether the request is received via the web or by post, we will as a rule reply within 30 Days.

In order to protect you and your personal data Separett AB will not disclose information to anyone whose identity has not been verified!

Access to personal data and correction of data

You have the right at any time to see what personal data has been recorded concerning you by requesting an extract from records.

You also have a right to request at any time correction of incorrect data or to change the personal data you have given.

Revoke consent

If our legal grounds for processing your personal data is consent, you have the right to revoke your consent regarding future processing.

Deletion (be forgotten)

In certain cases you can ask to be deleted (forgotten) as long as Separett is not obliged by law to keep the information.

Limited processing

You also have a right to request that processing of your personal data be limited. A request for limitation of processing may in some cases mean Separett AB is not able to fulfil its obligations to you during the period processing has been limited.

Data portability

If you wish to obtain your personal data from us to be able to use the data elsewhere you have the right in certain cases to obtain them in a structured, generally used and machine readable format and transfer them to another data controller. This assumes, however, that the transfer is technically possible, that the other party accepts the formats we supply and that it can be effected with reasonable effort on our part.


Since Separett AB only processes a limited amount of data linked to you, the simpler and faster alternative is for you yourself to furnish the other party with your personal data.


To oppose processing

You have the right to oppose the processing we carry out by virtue of a balancing of interests,

You may at any time renounce advertising and communication mail. You can deregister by clicking a link in the mail in question or contacting us (see contact information below).



If you have any complaints about the way in which we process your personal data we would be grateful if you first contact us at

In case where, after contacting us, you are not satisfied with the way in which we handle your complaint, you have the right to present your complaint to the relevant regulatory authority, at present the Data Inspection Board.


Amendments to our data and integrity policy

We reserve the right to make changes to our integrity policy. The latest version is always available online. In cases where we make essential changes to the way in which your personal data is processed, this will be communicated to you.



Updated: 2018-06-15